The Interchange Outer East Home Experience Program (HEP) is a brand new program for young adults with disability. It supports three participants at a time who are ready for greater independence in their lives. The participants live in a share house 24/7 for a six month period. IOE provides part time staffing and a lead tenant who is onsite overnight. This support ensures the housemates are safely developing skills required for the transition into moving out of the family home. Participants may choose to go to day programs, work and volunteer during the day, or simply stay home. Staff are not on site between 9am and 4pm weekdays.

The program coordinator, Linda Hull said, ‘After months and months of behind the scenes work; searching for the right rental property, finding the right staff and lead tenant, purchasing furniture & equipment and loads of other preparations  (all whilst dealing with COVID-19 restrictions!), we are so thrilled that this amazing new program officially commenced on Monday 9 August.’

The first day was a flurry of activity; unpacking, sorting, sharing, chatting, laughing, shopping and eating. It was fantastic to see loads of banter between housemates, sharing stories and getting to know each other better.

‘It has been a thrill already to witness the housemates experiencing a whole lot of firsts, from the first meal together, first shopping trip, first night in a share house and the first walk around the block getting familiar the neighbourhood. Choosing what, when and how they eat, sleep, work and play is all a part of their newfound freedom and so far they are having a ball!’ – Louise, HEP support worker.


To find out more about this fantastic new program, download the flyer here:  Home-Experience-Program-HEP.pdf.

If you are interested in being a part of this program in the future, contact the HEP coordinator on 9758 5522 or by email at linda.hull@ioe.org.au