The first term of our inclusive bush playgroup Bush Buddies in 2024 has been lots of fun! Nine families, with a total of of 14 children, attended each session in term 1 and enjoyed a total of 18 hours of service and connection in a beautiful bush setting. 

We have seen beautiful baby bumps grow before us and had the pleasure of meeting these bumps-turned-to-babies when they joined us in this world. We’ve welcomed mums and dads and older siblings to Bush Buddies. Through connecting at Bush Buddies, our staff have supported a family through their application for early intervention support for their two children and seen others begin working with allied health services. We have supported open discussion between the group, sharing freely without shame or judgement. We have had a local occupational therapist attend the playgroup, as well as a Yarra Ranges Council representative with the aim of connecting people with services that may support them.

Together we have run, skipped, jumped, poured, splashed, balanced, crashed, chased kites, painted, moulded, drawn, chopped, stirred, stewed, cooked fritters, sipped warm hot chocolates, read, sung and signed our way through another term and look forward to the next.

Thank you to the families and children who have been so willing to play, engage, get messy and enjoy each other’s company. To learn more about Bush Buddies, click here.

We are grateful to have the support of Interchange Network for this fantastic program.


It was our pleasure to host our friends from Freemasons Victoria Monash Gully Branch and Freemasons Foundation Victoria for morning tea to celebrate another year of supporting siblings. The Interchange Outer East Sibling Support Program provides age-based camps and day activities for siblings aged 5 to 18 years who have a brother or sister with disability. It provides a supportive, welcoming and fun environment that is just for them; a way to celebrate their sense of self and their unique role in their family. Siblings camps and activities allow children and teens to be with their peers and have time away from the family and outside of their caring role. 
IOE parent, Katrina spoke about the importance of supporting children and teenagers who have a brother or sister with disability, having three sons who have been part of the program over many years. Our Family Support Programs Coordinator, Jacinta Benne shared a program update and announced plans for a new therapeutic and wellbeing program to provide further support for siblings. Programs like this are made possible by the ongoing support of Freemasons Victoria – a 15 year partnership still going strong!
Monash Gully District Coordinator, Lionel May presented a cheque for an incredibly generous $35,600 on behalf of the District and Freemasons Foundation Victoria to continue this support. Funds were raised directly through the efforts of Monash Gully Branch members and the Foundation throughout the year. 
On behalf of the wider IOE community, we thank Freemasons Victoria and Freemasons Foundation Victoria for sharing our vision for supporting siblings now and into the future. 


Hydrotherapy is a low impact, warm water based exercise program that is great for injury recovery, pain management, improving strength and relaxation for all ages.

Hydrotherapy uses the buoyancy and resistance of the water to decrease pain and increase strength and range of movement. Here at Interchange Outer East, our physiotherapist offers individual and small-group hydrotherapy for people of all ages and with a range of conditions.

Benefits of Hydrotherapy:
Reduces load bearing on the joints
When performing exercises in waist deep water the buoyancy of the water reduces your weight by more than half which in term reduces the impact on your joints.
Reduces muscle aches and tightness
The warm water promotes muscle relaxation and reduce muscle spasm. The increase in water temp also improves blood circulation which can promote healing of injuries.
Increases muscle strength
Hydrotherapy allows participants to exercise efficiently by also reducing the stress on the joints. Hydrotherapy uses the resistance of the water to improve strength. Intensity can be altered via change of speed of movement, and the inclusion of floatation devices and weights.
Improves cardiovascular fitness
The resistance caused by the water as you move your body through the water improves can help improve cardiovascular fitness.
Improves balance and reduce falls risk
The natural movement of the water in a hydrotherapy pool provides an external challenge which assist working towards improving your balance.
Enhances wellbeing
The warm water of a hydrotherapy pool has a calming and soothing effect on both the body and mind reducing stress, improving mood and enhancing overall wellbeing.

To find out how hydrotherapy could support your health and wellbeing, get in touch with our Allied Health Team today! Email the team at alliedhealth@ioe.org.au
or give us a call on 9758 5522. Alternatively, click here to find out more on our website and complete the online booking and referral form.

Hydrotherapy at Interchange Outer East is delivered by our qualified physio. Sessions can be funded from Core Supports in your NDIS plan. It can also be subsidised through Medicare (depending on your circumstances) or private health insurance. Please contact us to discuss.


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IOE participants enjoyed the Active in Nature pilot program at Jells Park.


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The physiotherapist at Interchange Outer East (IOE) can work with NDIS, private paying and Medicare clients of all ages to treat and manage a wide variety of conditions. These conditions can include pain, neurological, musculoskeletal and metal health. Physiotherapy sessions can take place in the convenience of your home (travel cost will be applied) or at our therapy room in Boronia.

What physiotherapy can help you with at IOE:
  • Pain management for chronic conditions such as Fibromyalgia, OA
  • Improve muscular strength through exercise to assist activities of daily living
  • Improve balance through exercises
  • Improve functional ability
  • Improve endurance for everyday activities such as walking to the shops
  • Improve mobility and walking patterns
  • Falls prevention
  • Provide personalised home exercise programs
  • Provide advice on the management of specific conditions such as MS, Parkinsons, OA
  • Recommendations for equipment and mobility aids including wheelchairs and walking aids and provide relevant reports to the NDIS
  • Hydrotherapy
  • NDIS reports, e.g. review reports, equipment recommendation reports
  • Physiotherapy within the NDIS can improve a person’s overall quality of life by helping participants become more independent and improve their ability to perform activities of daily living
What will happen at the initial physiotherapy assessment?

During the first appointment with the physiotherapist, lots of questions will be asked regarding your current condition and functional ability – past and present. The physiotherapist will ask you to complete a variety of exercise and outcome measures to establish a baseline and to determine your goals for ongoing physiotherapy  sessions.

Ongoing physiotherapy sessions generally run for 60 mins with hydrotherapy sessions running for 30 mins. However, this is determined based on the individual’s needs and goals.

Meet our physiotherapist and find out about our other allied health services here.

Click here to download this information in a printable flyer.


We are thrilled to announce the addition of two new members, Belinda Stephens and Andrew McQuie, to the Interchange Outer East Board of Management. They join our existing board members Michelle Trustum, Eloise Fraser, Adrian Nemec and Ryan Lewis. Together, their wealth of experience, diverse perspectives, and commitment to our values and culture will further strengthen the board’s position and thus IOE’s mission to provide quality support to children and young adults with disability and their families.

The Interchange Outer East Board

At the core of our organisation lies a dedicated board of management tasked with steering our mission, values, and strategic direction. Comprised of passionate individuals from various backgrounds, our board members bring a wide range of expertise to the table, ensuring that we uphold the highest standards of service development, delivery and advocacy for the IOE community.

The board of management plays a pivotal role in shaping policies, overseeing financial stewardship, and fostering collaborations to maximise our impact. Through their collective wisdom and guidance, we continuously strive to innovate and adapt to the evolving needs of participants and families.

Welcome Belinda Stephens

Belinda is a physiotherapist and has worked across the scope of healthcare with a majority of practice being in community private practice. She has a post graduate degree in business and is currently studying towards her Masters in Rehabilitation and Wellness. Belinda is a mum to three awesome kids and is proudly a local.
As a private practice physiotherapist, Belinda work across the scope of injuries and pathologies. She enjoys the connection and engagement to the local community, and still feels a sense of honour to work with someone to return them back to the activities that they enjoy in their community.

Welcome Andrew McQuie

Andrew is a senior business analyst with 25 years of experience in IT consulting, software development, and financial systems implementation. He has tertiary qualifications in both IT and commerce as well as expertise in financial reporting, team leadership, business process automation/improvement, cyber security, and infrastructure projects. Currently, he works in healthcare for a major private hospital and social services organisation.

Andrew’s goal is to use his skills to make a positive impact in the lives of people during their most challenging moments. Andrew has a deep connection with kids with disabilities as a father of three children. His youngest, Jacob, has an intellectual disability, and he also has a 21-year-old daughter and a 19-year-old son.

Together, with Belinda and Andrew alongside our existing board members, we remain steadfast in our commitment to building a more inclusive and supportive community for children and young adults with disabilities and their families.

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Belinda and Andrew; we are thrilled to have you on board and grateful for your commitment to IOE.