So, the idea of volunteering with IOE appeals to you but, before you take the next step, you’d like the answers to a few questions you have.

These are a few of the questions potential volunteers often have:

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General Questions

Yes. Whether you are volunteering as a host or for recreation programs you will be surprised how quickly you will learn about different ways of communicating and interacting. If you’re volunteering on a recreation program, staff and more experienced vollies are always on hand to guide you. Your main role is to assist the children to have as much fun as possible.

If you are hosting you will be given plenty of information about your host child and staff and parents are always there to support you. A positive attitude is just as important as experience.

Yes, if you are volunteering on recreation programs. All recreation volunteers must attend an orientation session. This follows feedback from volunteers on the importance of attending orientation and its value to their volunteering role.  

Host volunteers do not have to attend any specific training.

Yes, IOE has a comprehensive insurance policy which will cover any accident or incident that may occur when you are volunteering in any capacity with us.

Host Volunteers

We ask hosts to commit to their match for one year if possible. This will give you time to build a relationship with your host child and to see if the arrangements are working well for everyone. Of course circumstances may change and situations occur where this is not possible.

The occasional special outing is very nice but often just hanging out together, getting together with family and friends, doing those things you would normally do, are entertainment enough. After all it is a completely different environment for them  – a real change from their usual routine!

Building a relationship is far more important than where you go when you are together.

Family, friends and other visitors do not need a police check but you must be in charge of the child’s supervision at all times during their visit. We encourage you to have other people around, or go visiting yourselves, as this extends your host child’s social experiences and general acceptance and community inclusion.

Yes. A minimal reimbursement is available to hosts as a small contribution to costs. Many hosts choose not to accept this and donate it back to IOE.

Recreation Volunteers

Its completely up to you to choose the activities and dates that suit you. Though, after you’ve volunteered once we know you’ll be back asap to do it again!

Feel free to contact the volunteer coordinators to find out what is coming up and to discuss your availability. Information and dates are emailed to all registered volunteers and also published in VNews, the IOE newsletter and Facebook page, and the volunteers closed Facebook group.

We use accredited campsites throughout Victoria for most of our group rec programs.

No. All activity costs, camp accommodation, meals, etc. are paid for by Interchange Outer East. You will need to bring your own lunch if you are going on a day activity.

Don’t worry. You won’t be asked to do anything you are not comfortable with. Speak to the staff running the activity. They are very approachable and will be happy to sort out problems or if necessary make changes.

Camp staff will inform your parents/designated contacts and organise for you to get home. All staff are first aid trained and our insurance will cover any injury to you.

Yes, but they also register as a volunteer before the activity. That’s one way our volunteer numbers keep growing. Volunteers want to share their fantastic experiences with friends.

Certainly. We welcome the chance to talk to students and teachers – in fact we’ve been doing just that for many years. Schools have played a big part in helping us to recruit new young volunteers. Just send us your school’s details and we will contact them.

Complete the volunteer contact form HERE and fill in your details and our volunteer coordinator will be in touch. Alternatively, you can contact the volunteer coordinator on 03 9758 5522 or email volunteers@ioe.org.au

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