Skill Development

Develop skills which will assist you to build a positive future. Our group day service and post school options offer a wide range of program options which allow you to learn skills, pursue your interests, build confidence and increase your independence.

  • Group based day programs

    Leaving school brings many opportunities and challenges for everyone. If you’ve recently left school, or did some time ago, we offer a range of program and support options in small group settings which will allow you to develop skills, pursue your interests and increase your confidence and independence. Our program focus is on community participation and on building strong community connections to provide learning, volunteer and work opportunities for you.

  • Steps to Independent Living

    These programs support young adults with disability in small groups to learn all that is involved in living outside the family home. From self care (hygiene, grooming, exercise) to meal preparation, social skills (respecting others, conflict resolution, teamwork), domestic tasks, life skills and more; participants will experience all facets of living independently with support from dedicated IOE staff.

    For any young adult, taking steps to living independently can be a daunting prospect and that is why Interchange Outer East offers two programs for young adults as they develop their skills and independence.

  • Specific skill development

    You’ll be part of a small group working together to learn and practice specific skills in targeted programs in real life situations – whether its learning or consolidating independent living skills overnight or in a share house, farm skills, outdoor health and fitness or developing improved communication capacity, we can work with you to develop the specific skills you need.

  • Prep4Work Program

    A two-year program that utilises NDIS School Leavers Employment Supports (SLES) to prepare school leavers (16+) for work opportunities in open employment.

    Explore yours skills and work interests, develop your work path and learn all you need to know to become work ready.

    For more information, watch the video below or download the Prep4Work flyer.

  • Work and volunteer options

    We source community options for possible work experience and volunteering opportunities for you, both on an individual and small group basis, and provide the necessary support.

    IOE has its own small landscape and gardening enterprise which offers services to the general public. Partnerships with organisations, such as St. Kilda Mums and BK 2 Basics also provide volunteering opportunities which support others in the community.

Our Rural Intensive participants are getting involved in their local community and learning some great skills along the way. Read what the group is doing and how they are building their skills Building Skills At Myrtleford

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