What We Do & Why We Do It

We are committed to delivering the best possible services which create opportunity and offer choice for people with disabilities and their families.

Our purpose statements and our beliefs govern every aspect of our service provision and delivery.

Working within the Human Rights framework is intrinsic to our organisation.

What We Do

We develop and deliver services to children and young people with disabilities and their families.

Why We Do It

● To enhance family wellbeing
● To build inclusive communities
● To engage and support children & young people with disabilities

  • We support families.

    Family wellbeing has always been and will always be at the core of everything we do. This means building strong relationships between families and our team, underpinned by listening and trust.

  • We engage and empower children and young people with disabilities.

    We operate within a human rights framework that respects the dignity of all individuals. For us and our community, this is about children and young people having opportunities to deepen relationships, have fun, develop skills, enhance health and wellbeing, and build independence.

  • We build inclusive communities.

    We value our community and encourage everyone to make a contribution. This builds inclusive, cohesive and equitable communities. Our community includes a range of people, such as families, children and young people, our team of staff and volunteers, partners and other community members.

Our Beliefs

Family Focus • Human Rights • Community • Trust • Fun

  • Family Focus

    We acknowledge and celebrate the value of every member of the family, and the importance of the family unit. Families of people with disabilities have the right to dream, plan and achieve their goals as all families do. Generally, the longest, most secure relationship that people have is with their families. So people with disabilities are best supported when their family have the resources and assistance they need. 

  • Human Rights

    We focus on upholding and promoting human rights – freedom, dignity, equity and respect, of all people in the community. We also acknowledge that the systematic and historical inequities experienced by people with disabilities and other cohorts within our community must be addressed. Specifically, we will focus on three key areas within human rights to enhance and support our community: child safety; freedom from violence and abuse; and embracing and promoting diversity. 

  • Community

    We strongly believe that everyone has a role to play in creating inclusive communities. That’s why IOE is a coalition of families, employees, volunteers and partners, in which everyone is an active community member. By adopting a community approach, we help families to meet with other families who understand their experiences. We also help volunteers to learn new skills, increase understanding and awareness in the broader community, and provide invaluable support to families and employees.

  • Trust

    At IOE, our relationships are built on trust, which means we listen, share and we are honest. A big part of this is knowing that we will, and do, make mistakes. When these mistakes happen, we say sorry, fix what we can and keep moving. 

  • Fun

    We foster a culture of fun and friendship at the basis of all our services. We strive to create a safe environment where people can be themselves, build natural friendships and benefit from peer support and social connection.

Child Safety

Interchange Outer East is a child safe organisation, operating within the Child Safety Standards and upholding the right of children and vulnerable people to be free from abuse. All people involved with IOE have the right to feel safe and supported during their involvement with the organisation. Click above to view IOE’s policies on child protection and safety.

We welcome and celebrate individuality and diversity in all its forms.

We acknowledge the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation as the traditional owners of the land on which we operate.

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