Host Program

The Host Program is our longest running program and matches a child with a disability, aged to 18 years, with a volunteer host who shares their time with that child on a regular basis.

Hosting is all about everyday people sharing the support and care of others.

  • Care arrangements are very flexible

    From regular weekend or overnight stays in the host’s home to sharing a few hours together – depending on everyone’s circumstances, needs and availability. Once a match is made, regular contact between hosts and children is important, enabling everyone to develop a familiar and easy relationship.

  • Come from all walks of life

    Hosts come from all cultural and religious backgrounds, lifestyle and relationship situations and can be 18 to grandparent age.

  • Contributes in a unique way

    Each volunteer host contributes in their unique way to the program and the role they can play is different for each situation. For you child they can be another ‘family’, friend or buddy – depending on circumstances and support needs.

  • Screening

    All hosts and members of their household 16 years and over are required to have a WWCC/Volunteer WWCC and their NDIS clearance checks, reference checks and a home check before being accepted to the program. The program coordinator is available to provide ongoing support throughout this process. 

  • Builds friendship and family

    By being a part of the host program you can be reassured that your child is being cared for in a loving and welcoming family or friendship situation.

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