Once again Interchange Outer East has good reason to say a huge ‘thank you’ to Freemasonry.

A recent fundraising night where patrons were treated to a performance of ‘The Housekeeper’ at Clayton’s Encore Theatre, raised $4000 towards Freemasons pledged financial support to IOE’s Sibling Program for the coming year. The evening’s $3000 takings were supplemented by a further $1000 from auction items sold post event.

The evening was organised by Freemason’s Canterbury Lodge, with considerable contribution by their ‘daughter’ lodge SEAVIC, which also contributed hundreds of dollars for raffle and silent auction items which added considerably to the funds raised on the night.

SEAVIC also donated 20 tickets for the show to be used by IOE members. This offer was gratefully accepted and much appreciated by those who attended the performance. So, not only were funds raised for IOE, but some family members had a rare chance to go to the theatre. As one parent reported “With a disadvantaged child we are rarely invited out, or able to go out, so to be invited, and have such a special night was a great experience.” Nice feedback indeed which reinforced to Freemasons the validity of their ongoing support.

Freemasons also enjoyed the opportunity to meet more IOE colleagues and carers and were delighted that people enjoyed the show and contributed, both financially and by their presence, to the success of the night.
On behalf of all the families of IOE, thank-you Freemasons and thank-you to all who worked so hard to organise the event, donated goods or services or helped out on the night.

As Freemason Ross K said “The spirit of Freemasonry is alive and well at Canterbury. Well done!”