Dads Group has been out and about on a variety of outings and activities during 2017. So far there has been a bit of action, lots of laughs and a whole lot of camaraderie.

Skeet Shooting
This sport really requires skill and focus and certainly brings out the competitive nature and sporting spirit. There was a range of experience from ex-army, hobbyists and arm chair shooters. Technique and top tips were hot topics before the first ‘pull’ call.
This however was the first time I had picked up a gun, let alone fired one. The warm up was brief; a steep learning curve ensued over the hour and I quickly found myself in ‘full competition mode’ with trigger happy competitors to my left and right. Like the war we don’t like to talk about who won.

Go Karting
Insert key elements and components: focus, skill and determination. These aspects quickly materialised, triggered by the whiff of petrol in the air. Thankfully everyone passed the breathalyzer to get on the track.
It was lovely to see a few new dads on the day. They thoroughly enjoyed stepping out of their dad role and taking a glimpse back to their younger carefree days.
It was certainly high octane fun, with the added analytics (whether you liked it or not) around shaving off those precious tenths of a second. It was great to be involved with people who just enjoyed the simplicity of having a good day out with their mates; and good to see such passion and knowledge for go-karting too.

Comics Lounge
It was a night of hilarity and silliness at the one and only Comics Lounge in North Melbourne. It was good to let loose by keeping it simple with some good old belly laughs. We were all very impressed by the banter, quality of the observational comedy and wit flying around. It was also good to see a cameo from Dave Hughes.
The simple nature of laughing is always welcomed…  and what a way to let your hair down!

Wilsons Prom Weekend Away
Only a weekend away can you see the true nature of this dads group. The bonds between them were clear to see and have been long formed. It was refreshing to see the full extent of their friendships.
Highlights were: trips to the brewery, Wilson’s Prom – Squeaky Beach walk, dinner at Fish Creek Pub and fishing in the bay. Not much to bring home; but as they say fishing is not about the fishing.
My first dad’s weekend away left me with the overarching feeling and realisation that this group does mean a lot to these guys. They truly are all there for one another. Sometimes this may only be conveyed by a punch on the arm, a passing of a beer, a knowing look or just listening to one another.

One for the dads and their kids. Keeping it local, a casual dinner, few strikes here and there, but who’s counting. Obviously we did our best to put the opposition off when it was their turn.
Sibling rivalries were apparent for all to see. Not sure shoulder barging after each bowl was the best way of expressing sportsmanship!
It was great to bring the whole family together, see them have fun and share an evening in a comfortable local environment. Family is unquestionably everything.

Mark Taylor Dads Group Coordinator