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Interchange Outer East Inc. held its annual general meeting (AGM) at the end of October 2021. The AGM is held to present the Annual Report and the audited financial statement of the organisation for the previous year. At each AGM a new board is elected and the positions of chairperson, deputy chairperson, treasurer and secretary are appointed.
This AGM saw the retirement of four board members with a combined service of 30 years to IOE. They have retired from the board having supported IOE through the initial transition of the NDIS to a position of financial stability with a well defined sense of where the organisation is heading into the future and a strong commitment to the values and beliefs that underpin IOE.
The past year has seen significant debate and conjecture about how IOE should operate in the marketplace of the NDIS. With many for-profit organisations setting up to get access to NDIS funds and line their pockets, the debate has been about the extent to which IOE should become more business focused and competitive rather than continuing to operate as a mission and values led organisation.
The new IOE board is aiming to continue to pursue the mission of the organisation and the aims of the strategic plan. Whilst commercial considerations will need to be addressed in the NDIS marketplace they will not be the primary driving force. Mission, values and the commitment to provide quality service and support to families will be the priority as IOE negotiates the future.

Board Members

Michelle Trustum
Deputy Chairperson
Eloise Fraser
Sue Chapman
Tina Valentine
General Members
Adrian Nemec
Mel Spencer


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There is no better way to welcome in December than hosting our renowned Interchange Outer East Vollie Camp! This jam packed weekend had many new and old faces venture out to The Summit in Trafalgar to enjoy campsite activities, have some fun and get to know each other a little better.

We set the tone by starting off with introducing Warm and Fuzzies; an awesome camp long activity that gave everyone an opportunity to empower and inspire each other with personal messages of gratitude and recognition. After setting up our personalised pigeon holes we ventured into the world of vollie games. Everyone got involved and tried to figure out ‘9 Squares’ and the ‘Party Game’ with one volunteer cracking the code in record time!

On Saturday we split into our teams – Green & Purple, and started the campsite activities. We started with the flying fox which had us zipping (and some squealing) from the trees and over the lake. Laser tag and the ominous ‘Snakes and Nails’ activities came next. Whilst one team spent their rotation weaving, ducking and chasing their opponents down, the other team challenged their fears by walking over a bed of nails and petting one of the residents snakes!

Saturday night vollie games continued in true vollie camp fashion. Between the elusive ‘Ghost is Walking’ and ‘Fighting Hairs’ laughs could have been heard from across the valley!

We ended camp with a flurry; A flurry of chalk! Green and Purple regrouped in the battle field, chalk in hand. They covered each other in eco-friendly Holi Chalk until their bottles ran dry! After a cleanup, lunch and a quick mini Olympics, it was time to say Goodbye to Vollie Camp for 2021!

Thank You!

A massive shutout to all the amazing volunteers who made camp as great as it was. And of course, Knox City Council for funding this event with a Community Development Fund grant.

Vollie Camp is a fantastic opportunity for our recreation volunteers. We run this camp not only to show how much we value and appreciate them, but also to support their growth and development, build on their skills, and to ensure they really feel part of this inclusive and supportive community.

Keen to find out more about volunteering at IOE and being part of events like this in future? Check out Volunteer With Us or get in touch at

For some of the best pics from Vollie Camp, head to our Facebook page!


Coming out of lockdown demanded something new and fun, and so we were so excited to partner with Adam Gibson Coaching to deliver a four week basketball clinic. Adam has had a long career in the NBL, has played for the Australian Boomers at the London Olympics and is an amazing and supportive coach.

It was great to see a good mix of people attend; those who were experienced in basketball and others who were just starting out. By the end of our four sessions we saw some amazing development. We celebrated one participant able to maintain a dribble, another shoot their first goal and others get a much deeper understanding of team work. We saw people make new friends and build on existing friendships.

Fiona and Tom have loved working with Adam and Sarah to develop and deliver an amazing program. We are so grateful to Adam for being willing to try something new. Thanks also to our volunteers Alicia, Rachel and Daniel who helped to support the program.

Looking ahead we hope to offer more inclusive pop-up sports clinics. We have booked another clinic with Adam for next year and we plan on delivering a soccer clinic and a netball clinic in the new year too. We are also very open to other suggestions so please get in touch if you have any ideas.

If you would like to register your interest for finding out more about these programs please contact


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