Sometimes the best things in life happen when you least expect. During lockdown, my son Lachie did an online session with Adam Gibson and my other son Tom supported Lachie to do this. What began here, has resulted in a two-year partnership between Adam Gibson Coaching and Interchange Outer East. Following some initial chats, and using the strict Covid-19 protocols that were with us at the time, we began a four-week program outdoors at Eastern Ranges School. We hadn’t had enough after this, so we added a six-week program. Fast forward to today where we have run continuously for almost two years! We have explored other clinics as well as our base clinic. We have run clinics for wheelchair users, for girls only and for a younger age group.

What has been absolutely brilliant has been seeing the friendships form and the participants skills develop. We have such a tight group of people who encourage one another, celebrate each others successes and genuinely enjoy being together. We have seen people who were initially reluctant to use their non-preferred hand give it a crack and had reports of therapy goals being worked on in our fun, inclusive sessions.

JBL and NBL Visit

JBL Australia and NBL reached out to Adam and arranged to come along to one of our clinics and witness the magic firsthand. JBL even gifted a pair of headphones to each of our participants. Our crew were so excited to receive them and we are so thankful to JBL Australia and the NBL. Our gratitude also goes to Adam who makes time for this group every week and delivers a program that our participants just love. For Tom and I it is the highlight of our week and we love working in this space.

Click here to watch the video by JBL Australia!

If you are interested in getting involved please reach out to the Interchange Outer East Recreation Service Team at or call 9758 5522.

– Fiona Fisher, IOE support worker and parent