Here at Interchange Outer East, we are thrilled that three of our previous Home Experience Program (HEP) housemates have found a mainstream rental property and have moved out of home together! After completing the HEP program, Megan said, ‘Nothing can stop me now!’. She said she felt highly motivated to move out of home permanently. The parents of these three young people worked hard to secure a rental property. However, their perseverance has paid off and they are all beginning a new and exciting phase in their lives.

The three housemates, Megan, Meg, and Carly, all participated in the six-month HEP program. During this time they developed the skills and confidence to take the next steps to living independently. With the support of HEP program staff, each of the young women were able to safely explore what living out of home feels like and what it means to live with housemates.

Home Experience Program (HEP)

HEP offers people aged 18+ the opportunity to live in a house for six months with two other IOE participants. Participants live in a rental property 24/7 and experience fully what it is like to live independently with housemates. The program provides part-time staffing and a lead tenant overnight to ensure participants receive the freedom and experience of living away from home but with supports to develop and build on skills and capacities.

In Megan, Meg and Carly’s case, their parents’ confidence in their skills and capacity grew throughout the program. They experienced a lessening dependence on them and observed their development and progress. They should all be so proud of what they achieved during the HEP program and we hope they will be an inspiration to other families who may feel that living independently may be out of their child’s reach.

If you would like more information about the Interchange Outer East Home Experience Program, you can find more information here.