The Interchange Outer East youth leadership day, Lead the Way, was a great day of learning, empowerment and adventure; a day that left a lasting impact on all of us. Kicking off the event, Tony Vallance captivated our attention with an enlightening presentation on Building Better Brains. His insights into the remarkable adaptability of the brain and the strategies to enhance cognitive abilities were fascinating. We discovered how simple lifestyle changes and habits could significantly contribute to improving brain function and overall well-being.

Following Tony’s engaging talk, Kate Wilde from The Workshop, took the stage to conduct Cyber Citizen Training. In an era dominated by technology, her session was invaluable. We delved into online safety, digital responsibility, and the importance of ethical behaviour in the cyber world. Kate’s expertise in cybersecurity and her practical tips on navigating the digital landscape equipped us with the knowledge to protect ourselves and others in an increasingly connected society.

After a morning filled with enriching presentations, we set off for an afternoon of adventure at Treetops Adventure in Belgrave. High amidst the treetops, we embarked on thrilling aerial challenges and ziplined through the lush canopy. The adventure park provided a platform for us to showcase teamwork, communication, and leadership as we navigated through obstacle courses and supported each other to overcome challenges.

By day’s end, we were not only filled with a sense of achievement from conquering the heights but also armed with newfound knowledge and a renewed sense of purpose. Lead the Way, with its blend of engagement, practical training, and adventurous spirit, left everyone keen an eager to take on the January school holidays, and it was great to see the friendships and connections form!

To find out how you can build your leadership and interpersonal skills at IOE, check out our youth volunteer options here.

Lead the Way, the IOE youth leadership day was generously supported by Yarra Ranges Council Community Grants. We are grateful to have Council’s support.