We have had such positive responses to our communication guru’s holiday planner calendar template that Bec has put together another one for the winter break.

Families have overwhelmingly told us that they have found the template a real bonus when organising school holiday periods. The lack of routine and the unpredictability associated with the break can be unsettling for some children and confusing for their hassled parents. The calendar gives a visual cue as to who is where and what is happening. It has been created in Powerpoint, which is readily available on the majority of computers and devices.

These templates are not just for use during the holidays but, with a few simple modifications, can be a valuable asset for use during the whole of the year. If you need help with this, contact Bec Casey.

Bec has provided a few of the most commonly used icons/pictures at the side of the calendar. Simply drag or copy and paste these across to the calendar days to create your own schedule. You can customise your calendar by adding extra pictures of people or places of your own eg. Grandpa’s house can be changed to a picture of someone else, whether it’s grandparents, aunts, uncles or a support person, whoever the child will be staying with for the day, overnight or extended period of time. Just drag or copy and paste your images onto the calendar, resize and reposition them to the correct days. When you’ve finished print the finished pages, stick them on your fridge or wall and your schedule is clearly there for all to see!

The calendar has been designed to be printed A3, but it also prints well as A4, if an A3 printer is not available.

The first couple of pages of the template are an example of how the calendar can be used. Please note the school term dates are not necessarily correct as these will depend on the school attended. A blank calendar (June and July) follows, ready for you to create you own version. Voila! An organised, easy to follow, hassle free look at what is happening over the holiday break , keeping everyone happy.

The images Bec has used are from Boardmaker. If you would like more like these, or require a bit of help with how to use or modify the calendar, please contact her on 97585522 or