Last Month, Maddy, her mum Robyn and Brittany, an IOE support worker traveled together on a whirlwind trip to Japan to celebrate Maddy’s 21st birthday.

This trip was a dream for Maddy and with Brittany’s support Robyn was able to ensure that Maddie got to experience her dream in a supported manner while exploring her love of pop culture and Anime.

It was a non stop trip over 12 days, with the group experiencing Japan’s quirkier side, spending time in Akihabara, Harajuku, having a meal in the famous Robot Restaurant and of course, spending time at Disneyland.

Robyn has said that this trip was an amazing experience for Maddy and something that the family probably would not have considered doing without the extra support.

Under the NDIS,  funding can be used to cover the support cost component of a holiday, allowing you you to have a similar successful, family experiences. So dream big!