DID YOU KNOW 55% of people will pay extra for products and services from companies committed to positive social and environmental impact.

In 2014, 3million+ Australians switched brands because the alternative brand supported a charity

At Interchange Outer East we are currently seeking to develop partnerships with local businesses to assist us to continue to provide a high level of peer and social support opportunities to families, despite the lack of ongoing government funding.

Individualised funding under the NDIS has been a welcome development within the sector. However, by definition, it does not provide funding to support carers and families – and families are missing out. Due to the lack of funding, parents and carers are forced to prioritise the day-to-day support needs of their child with a disability over their own wellbeing. This is why our family support programs are so important, and why we are seeking the support of our local community!

We are aiming to build sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships within the outer east to support a stronger, resilient and more connected community.

Being a locally based organisation the majority of the families IOE supports are local, as are our own team members, volunteers, casual workers and all their families. With such a local coverage and over 35 years of providing services, it is highly possible that the partners we are seeking will already have some personal connection to IOE. It is for these reasons that we believe that partnerships with local businesses will serve to strengthen the community on a far wider scale rather than solely support carers and families.While this support is vital and highly valued, it is not the only benefit!

There are many ways to partner with us to ensure that your contribution directly supports the families of children and young adults with disability, living in our region. Depending on your intended level of commitment, we will work with you to implement the partnership that works best for your business. Some options include:

Workplace payroll giving – This is the easiest way to make a substantial contribution – even the smallest amount each pay adds up quickly! Your staff will hardly notice the small amount each pay but will be amazed at the difference it makes over the year. Each team member will receive a letter at the end of each financial year for their records. Consider matching their contribution to encourage maximum participation.
Annual event sponsorship – sponsor an annual Family Camp; the highlight of the IOE calendar. Family Camp brings around 40 families together for a weekend of fun and social connection in a supportive environment that is free of judgement. For some families, it’s the only chance they have to get away together for some R&R. Each Family Camp costs IOE around $50,000 but we are determined to keep costs low for families. Some of your staff could also have the option to volunteer on camp or even bring their families along to be part of the fun!
Hold a fundraising event for us – we can support your event by attending, making a presentation, or something else. Consider holding an annual trivia night, raffle, gala dinner or shopping tour. Let’s work together to make it work!
Round-up at the register – ask your customers to round-up or top up their purchase by a set amount. We can let your customers know how their donation has made a real difference to children and families living in their own neighbourhoods. Consider matching the amount raised to encourage participation.
Corporate annual major partner – commit as our major corporate partner for the year or longer! Let’s negotiate a tailored partnership that mutually benefits our socially conscious organisations and works well for our stakeholders.

We believe that any partnership should be mutually beneficial. We are not looking for a handout, we are looking opportunities in our community that will bring the for-profit and for-purpose sectors closer together and make our community stronger. Here are some benefits to partnering with us:
• Feature in our annual report and website
• Regular content for your social media channels, website and/or newsletter showing the affect that your contribution has had
• Paper or electronic newsletter for your stakeholders (staff and/or customers, etc.), or contribution to your existing newsletter
• Dedicated presentation by our volunteer coordinators with your team and their families to discuss volunteering options to be further involved
• Invitations to events and family days for your team and their families
• We can help you reach your target market. We have an online community of 3000 people living within the region and a client base of over 800 local families
• We will encourage you to publicise your support of IOE to your stakeholders, whether that be on your packaging and marketing materials, website, social media, etc., depending on your priorities.

To suggest a business contact, to find out more or to request an information pack for your workplace, contact Faye Lougheed on 9758 5522 or

We’ve created a short video for you to view and share with your team and other potential IOE partners.