Interchange Outer East’s hosting program brought together hosts, Jo, Trevor and their family and eight year old Indianna.  A lovely friendship has developed with Indi fitting right in with her host family. The following article was recently  published in the Eastern Volunteers newsletter.


‘Jo and her family have been hosting Indi for around a year, allowing the two families to build a friendship. ‘The girls will go off and play and we’ll sit and talk for hours,’ Jo said of the times that Indi is dropped off for the weekend.

Being a couple of years older than Jo and Trevor’s eldest daughter, Florence, Indi has taken to the big sister role naturally. When she grows out of her dress ups she hands them down for Florence and Olive, Jo and Trevor’s younger daughter, to enjoy.  She generously buys gifts with her tooth fairy money and plays with the girls when Jo takes time out for baby Herbie.

Jo says that Indi is very comfortable in their home, as is Indi’s brother Zac who is always welcome too.

“Indianna loves going to play with the girls. Her eyes light up when we ask if she would like to go visit the girls and Herbie. We love Trevor and Jo too. They are very open and friendly and they have helped us out so much.” – Jodi, Indi’s mum.

While it can be difficult for the two busy families to find time to catch up, there is no pressure and both families are happy to remain flexible to keep the connection going as the children grow.

Hosting is for everyone; singles, couples, families. It’s volunteering with a difference that makes a difference!’


Hosting opportunities are very flexible and can range from sharing a few hours with a young person with a disability to a  full weekend of support.   Hosts take on a variety of roles from second family, to mentor, friend or buddy who shares interests and experiences with the young person.

If you would like to find out more about how you can be a part of Interchange Outer East’s hosting program please contact 0397585522  or email

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