Interchange Outer East is proud to announce its newest initiative in support – the IOE Mentoring Program.

Mentoring programs have played an important role in community groups and services for many years. Mentoring traditionally aims to support people to build skills and improve wellbeing through the support, input and assistance of another person, who has a range of skills, knowledge and experience. Essentially, it is the ability and capacity to match one person with another, creating a positive relationship that brings value to both sides of the match.

As a registered NDIS provider with over 35 years experience in supporting children and young adults with disability and their families, IOE is well placed to extend its support into the area of mentoring. The mentoring of a young person with a disability by an older person creates the potential to build a relationship with another adult who is not a family member, and who can support the younger person to build skills, build relationships, have new experiences and discuss daily life. IOE’s Mentoring program is goal focused and outcome based.

For young people, relationships are everything. They need to feel liked, to receive attention and to live within limits and boundaries. But above all, young people need to feel valued and respected. A mentor relationship has the capacity and ability to provide this support.

IOE has had many years experience in engaging with community and recruiting community members for our programs and services supporting children and young people with disabilities. Programs such as the host program, specialised care, flexible care and recreation volunteers have been integral parts of this history.
The skills and aptitude IOE has developed in recruitment, matching, supporting and developing people from the community to work effectively with people with disabilities and their families will be readily transferable to this mentoring initiative.

The Mentoring Program can be funded using the mentee’s NDIS plan – for more information  see examples of mentoring arrangements and funding in the Mentoring Program flyer.


• Careful 1:1 matching of a young person with a disability (mentee) to a young person from their community (mentor).
• A commitment of 8 to 20 hours per month over a one year period is made by both the family, the mentee and the chosen mentor.
• A set of goals is identified for the match which is progressed through the year. Goals will be discussed with input from the mentee’s family and allied health professionals.
• The purpose of this program is to build on individualised goals for mentees and to provide a service that can build on previously identified goals by mental health professionals.
• Periodic review of each mentoring relationship undertaken by the program coordinator with input from all parties; the mentee, their family, the mentor and other support staff.


To kickstart the matching process, complete the online form: (for participants NOT registered with IOE)
For more information, or for participants who ARE registered with IOE, contact Michaela or Daniel on 9758 5522 or