I have been fortunate enough to be part of Interchange for twelve years now, and even after all that time I still feel blessed to be part of something which is much more than a ‘job’. Last week’s Adult Rec weekend was a testament to that.

Co-worker Naomi and I had the pleasure of spending the weekend with six of the kindest, friendly and fun loving young men that we have met through IOE. The boys let us tag along on their boys weekend, which saw us take a trip back in history; in terms of automobiles anyway. We had a car show weekend!

I’m sure if you were to ask any of the boys they would all tell you how exciting and interesting it was to see cars from the early 1900s through to today’s brand new mustangs. Brendan had his camera at the ready and went home with a lot of new cars to add to his photo collection.

We started off in Epping where we visited the local RSL. Over 30 cars were on display from Holdens to Corvettes and everything in between including my favourite, a Volkswagen Beetle. It was great having so much to see in the one spot. James was really keen to hop into almost all of them but, funnily enough, the owners had locked their car doors!.

Delicious local pizza for tea and some AFL on TV saw us end the Saturday evening relaxed. Sunday certainly didn’t disappoint with another car show extravaganza to get revved up about.

Kalorama CFA played host to well over a hundred cars, dating back to as early as 1906. Cars all shiny and looking their best from around the globe were spread across the Kalorama oval. For Luke the highlight was the very clean and expensive looking fire truck that was on display for everyone to admire. His admiration gained him a prime spot in the driver’s seat and CFA claimed a potential new volunteer. Anthony and Paul settled for the driver’s seat of a 1920s fire truck which, although much lower to the ground, would have no doubt been a very loyal companion to many fire fighters ninety odd years ago.  Lee Roy was a keen observer and made his way around the oval cutting several laps, eyeing off some very special looking post war vehicles.

The sun stayed shining and the boys kept smiling! All in all a really memorable weekend, one I will remember for a long time, another weekend to add to the collection of “I have the best job in the world”.

Jeanne Smith