Last Sunday we took five wonderful children out to the movies on a recreational activity. We had the whole cinema to ourselves and the children took full advantage spreading themselves out.

During the break Austin, Jacob and Ace took to the slide (yes you read correctly, there is in fact a giant indoor slide inside the cinema) and plummeted down as fast as lightening. Thank goodness Ace had the sense to allow me to go with him, whereas Jacob and Austin zoomed down unaccompanied. I was sure Austin was going to go straight through the cinema screen as he jolted head first out of the slide. Expecting to have to fill in an incident report I called out to our vollies, Maddy and Debbie, only to be greeted with the biggest grin I’ve seen on Austin’s face. He survived to tell the tale and he was thrilled!

The movie finished but the slide was still the highlight for the three boys. We left to have lunch at Jells park where Lily, Jacob and Ace had a go on the Liberty swing.  Caleb kept himself busy running around the park and Austin played cricket with me in the sunshine.

We finished off our day at Timezone, which felt like a trip to Vegas with all the bright lights. All five children spent time wandering around picking out the games they wanted to play. Caleb was in his element and it was like all his Christmases had come at once, so many games and not enough hands to play them all.

Austin lived over at the basketball hoops while Lily and Ace smashed out a few tunes on the giant piano keys. Jacob loved the space ship ride and we didn’t see much of him once he found the spaceship to hide in.

Overall Brad and I had a wonderful day with some overly happy young children who weren’t afraid to give new things a try. We thank their families for trusting us to take them out, we loved every minute of their company.

Jeanne Smith Rec Leader

… and a comment on the day from a participant’s parents

‘I just wanted to write an email commending Jeanne and Brad for the wonderful activity Ace attended today.

The way in which they greeted my son and the knowledge they had about him was unparalleled and I felt so comfortable leaving him in their care for the day. When I returned to pick Ace up they both went out of their way to explain the type of day he had and the fact that they got him out of his wheelchair for most of the day was just wonderful.

I cannot commend them or thank them enough, they are by far the best leaders I have encountered and I really look forward to Ace being part of one of their recreational activities again one day.

Many thanks’     Bianca B parent