IOE’s Adults Services have been finishing off 2017 with participants heading off to a number of locations for a well deserved holiday. Rob took a group to Wilson’s Prom – here’s his take on the break.

‘With 2017 coming to a close it was time for some time away to relax and unwind. Nine guys and one lady were lucky to head to Wilsons Prom for a week long camping trip. With an early getaway the group made it down to the Prom and had set up by 3pm, as we settled in and met the neighbours it was time to figure out all the things we had forgotten. We had tents and pegs but nothing to whack the pegs in with (luckily we had nice neighbours!!).

Day two and an early start to climb Mount Oberon, we were told it was a nice easy to medium climb that should take around 2 hours return. As we started the climb some quickly realised that maybe it wouldn’t be as easy as they said but we pushed through and eventually made it to the top to see some incredible views. After the strenuous morning we were all pretty tired so some just relaxed at camp while others took a dip in the river.

Night two wombat attack, somebody left marshmallows in their tent and as we all know wombats love marshmallows!

Day three: Hump day, Great day! We headed out to Squeaky Beach to hear what all the fuss was about and it was amazing. The beach actually squeaked! There was plenty to do there we climbed boulders, dipped our feet in the surf, basked in the sun and chatted to the local backpackers. After lunch we headed to Inverloch to hire a boat which provided an afternoon of fun, until we ran out of fuel! But hey, that’s all part of the experience. Lucky for us we were on our way back so didn’t require the Coast Guard to come out. Next stop was the Fish Creek pub or as the locals call it ‘The Fisho’ not sure if it’s actually called that but they cooked a good parma and the locals were nice, so everyone was satisfied.

Thursday started off leisurely, we beach hopped searching for some mega rocks to climb, taking in the incredible sights before heading back for lunch. After lunch everyone was pretty exhausted so we headed down the river to play some cricket!

Friday was time to load the trailer and hit the road home with a final lunch stop in Leongatha.’

by Rob Cameron