Sitting writing a Christmas or end-of-year piece of ‘wise’ thoughts it’s natural to reflect on the year that has just about passed. Unfortunately doing this at the end of the year does a disservice to everything that happened in the first 11 months. I figure it’s the same cognitive function that enables people to have more than one child. As time goes by it all seems fine. Perhaps it’s a function of age and I literally cannot remember what happened.

Reaching back into the, albeit murky, sands of time, it turns out lots of stuff has happened both the good and not so good. From an Interchange point of view, the year provided us all with the joys of NDIS, but also lots of new creative and fun adventures. From my perspective the inaugural carers retreat, the family camps, Sport 4 Fun, Boys 2 Men and the ASD leadership program have been high points of the year. It has also been a year when I have developed a new appreciation of working in partnership with other organisations that share interests and are focused on doing things that support people well. Different Journeys, The Misfit Project, Achieve2B, Carers Hub and Spot On Travel are a few of the organisations that I have worked with across the year.

So what is next? For Interchange it’s a constant process of working to improve the support we offer families, continue to create more and varied opportunities for people, and to revere the benefit of ‘niceness’ to people.  For myself, whilst I don’t make new year type predictions, I do like to think about what I want to do …

  • Be with the people I want
  • Improve, challenge, push myself
  • Learn about stuff
  • Invite Adventure
  • Keep my mouth shut – listen

It is the season when that spooky elf travels around the house and we prepare for a couple of weeks of gatherings of the clans. Whatever this time of year brings, I wish you all the happiness and joy that you  deserve. Be kind to yourselves and enjoy.