At Interchange Outer East inclusion means inclusion for all, not just those who fall within the parameters of the disability sector.

Jesse Baker, IOE’s Volunteer Recruitment and Development Coordinator, is passionate about supporting the LGBTQIA community and has been at the forefront of introducing a range of initiatives to raise awareness and support amongst members of the IOE community.

Jesse writes …

‘In life sometimes friends are the family that you get to choose, and at IOE this is no different. I am so pleased to work with such an amazing group of colleagues that encourage people for their differences regardless of ability, age, gender, cultural background, or sexual orientation.

Today staff and participants from across the agency decided to wear purple to foster a supportive, safe, empowering and inclusive service for rainbow young people.

At IOE we are striving to
• Advocate for and empower rainbow service users, families, volunteers and staff;
• Celebrate and promote the value of diversity and inclusion in all community settings;
• Raise awareness about sexuality, sex and gender identity and challenge harmful social cultures;
• Champion rainbow role-models to help young people establish the confidence to be who they are.’

If anyone would like to donate to Wear it Purple you can do so here  https://www.gofundraise.com.au/payments/donate/beneficiary/2843?embed=true