Where would IOE’s Siblings Program be without the generosity of Freemasonary. Certainly it would not be flourishing and providing the support to so many siblings in the way that it now does.

Once again Freemasons Victoria and Freemasons Monash Gully  have come to the fore and today presented IOE with a cheque for an incredibly generous $50000, ensuring the continuity of our Sibling Program for the coming year.

The need for support for siblings is increasingly obvious with all IOE’s sibling activities and camps fully booked well ahead of time. Today’s substantially increased funding from Freemasons will allow the program to expand, offering more opportunities to even more siblings of people with disabilities.

At today’s morning tea and presentation, Cath and Jodi, whose children access the sibling program, described the difference  being involved in the program has made to the lives of their children and their families as a whole – how much positive support, friendship and enjoyment their children have derived from getting together with other siblings who understand their situation. It was a message well understood by Freemasons who have continued their support of siblings for the past nine years!

Thank you to Freemasons Foundation Victoria and Freemasons Monash Gully for sharing our vision and our passion for the Sibs Program. Thank you for your tremendous fundraising efforts. We are incredibly grateful for your support!

Take a look at our Sibs video – none of this would be possible without the support of our good friends at Freemasons.