Sarah McLachlan

Like you, Sarah McLachlan is many things to many people. A degree-qualified naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist, breastfeeding counsellor, wife and most importantly, the mother of four autistic children. Sarah knows what it is like to be deep in the trenches of parenting and caring for babies, toddlers, children and teens. She understands how hard it can be to get through a day, let alone make time for self-care or food and lifestyle changes in the home.

After using naturopathy to undo the impacts of chronic stress, anxiety, and depression on her body, Sarah’s journey to become a naturopath began. Naturopathy is a holistic healthcare system that assesses and supports your physical, mental and emotional wellness. Food (diet), lifestyle, nutritional and herbal medicine are the main tools used by naturopaths to support health.

Being a carer is rewarding, but can also be demanding, exhausting, and emotionally taxing. Many carers feel their strain is not real or important and underestimate the long-term health effects of leaving stress unaddressed. Carers then often ignore their own health and are 40% more likely to have a chronic health condition. Your physiological, mental, and emotional health form the basis for being a motivated, inspired, and energized person. With health on your side, you can feel and be your best.

Join Sarah for her practical, easy-to-understand presentation, ‘Self-Care With Every Bite.’ Sarah will guide you through what to eat to support and build your physical, mental and emotional health and your capacity to cope in all the roles life gives you.

• Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)
• Bachelor of Science (Psychology)
• Certificate IV Breastfeeding Education (Counsellor)