Moira Kelly AO

Moira Kelly AO has dedicated her life to the service of others. She was inspired to look after the less fortunate when, at the age of seven, she saw a video of Mother Theresa. At the age of 20, she left home to work with Aboriginal children in Western Australia. So began a lifetime of supporting the least fortunate children and families. Moira has worked on numerous humanitarian projects with desperate and sick children and adults in Australia and overseas. She has been recognised with many community, national and international awards for her humanitarian work. In 2013, Moira was named Victorian of the Year and her work has been the subject of three documentaries; A Compassionate Rage, Brothers in Arms, and Foreign Correspondent.

Moira runs the Moira Kelly Creating Hope Foundation. She has devoted her whole life to charity work and those special causes close to her heart that ‘just make the world a better place’. Moira spent many years living abroad caring for sick and needy children and their families in countries like India, South Africa, America, Romania, Bosnia and Albania. Many are inspired by Moira Kelly’s personal sacrifice, passionate commitment and life-long dedication to doing whatever it takes to save and heal children and communities in need.

Wherever she goes, Moira makes a real difference to real people in surreal ways!

“Just do it.” ‘Moira Kelly’s philosophy might sound familiar, but the humanitarian known for bringing Bangladeshi conjoined twins Trishna and Krishna to Australia for life-saving surgery in 2009, says she’s been using the phrase for longer than Nike.’

– The Canberra Times