Interchange Outer East recognises the challenges that the LGBTQIA+ community faces and the positive contribution LGBTQIA+ people make within our communities. To assist in supporting the LGBTQIA+ community, IOE has appointed Recreation Coordinator Jesse Baker as the LGBTQIA+ Development Worker.Jesse Baker - IOE LGBTQIA+ Development Worker

This role will include:
  • Ensuring that IOE is a welcoming and inclusive community for people with diverse sexual and/or gender identification and orientation.
  • Providing educational awareness to the IOE community. This can be in the form of training sessions, workshops, displaying information and social media marketing.
  • Creating opportunities for any person in the IOE community that identifies as LGBTQIA+ or who is interested in learning more.
  • Creating ongoing and sustainable connections. This includes working collaboratively with other community support services and organisations which support young people with diverse sexual and/or gender orientation.
  • To be a representative from IOE that can provide members of the IOE community with information, resources and referrals.
  • To invite members of the IOE community to form a reference group*. This group will determine ways those who have diverse sexual and/or gender identification and orientation feel included and welcomed as well as develop ideas for future engagement.

Are you a member of the IOE community who hasn’t taken our LGBTQIA+ development survey yet? We’d love your input and it will only take 5-10 minutes.

To discuss LGBTQIA+ development at IOE, or for more information or referrals, contact Jesse on 9758 5522, 0400 918 493 or by email at

*Click the LGBTQIA+ development survey to express your interest.