Lana Wheatfill

Lana is on the verge of completing year 12 and is passionate about English, particularly creative writing and reading. Growing up with autism, Lana felt isolated in primary school and wasn’t able to overcome that feeling of isolation until moving into secondary school where she was able to make new friends who really understood her and were able to support her. Lana now has a large support network that include members of the school staff, her occupational therapist, her parents and her friends. Without this network, Lana confesses that she wouldn’t be doing as well as she is today.

Lana will discuss her unique experience of growing up in a family where all three children have diagnoses of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and not only unique personalities, but a range of differing support needs. She will share her and her family’s support and coping strategies, both at home and at school, and will give a new insight for parents raising teenagers on the autism spectrum. Autism means that Lana is able to think outside the box and offer a different and unique perspective.