Isaac’s story

The extra support that 9 year old Isaac has had funded through his plan has made a huge difference to life for his whole family. As they have been using IOE programs for some time now and have been very happy with the agency it seemed natural to have IOE help them with support coordination.

Isaac has always enjoyed being part of IOE’s recreation programs – he loves the fun activities and particularly getting away for the weekend on camps. Being able to continue these activities was one the important needs that was factored into his plan and having all his support costs funded has meant he can achieve this goal.

Previously Isaac’s parents relied on a few short hours of council home support to give them very limited respite and assistance for Isaac. With the added 1:1 support they can finally have some time away for themselves while Isaac is being very capably supported at home.

Community access was also a stated aim but with Mum looking after Isaac and his siblings, (the youngest also has a disability) and Dad working weekends, opportunities to get out and about were rare. Now Isaac can head off with his support worker and indulge in his passion for all things ‘public transport’ – looking at and riding on trams, trains and buses. He is getting out and about and enjoying all the experiences and the growing independence that his extra support is enabling him to have.