This year we ventured out in rural Victoria for a taste of the goldfields. We stayed at the RACV resort which is situated just out the peripherals of Creswick, a sleepy Victorian town between Ballarat and Daylesford. There was lots to enjoy about the accommodation; the greeting of a complimentary drink on arrival, the amenities; swimming pool, spa, gym and the beautiful views across the golf course fairway. Early mornings greeted us with mobs of kangaroos tussling in the distance.

We were fortunate to have an additional five new dads gracing us with their presence. Great to see some new faces amongst us. On reflection I’m loving the slow change in culture and the inclusivity in this space with Dads feeling and acknowledging the notion; its good to have time out, its good to have relationships. The drawing of people together who seemingly have some similarities in their lives or who may face similar challenges. This year has seen more uptake on these activities and attendance. Great work guys its been a pleasure getting to know you and we welcome you on board.

This year we quad biked, golfed, enjoyed spas, wandered around Daylesford, went on a bike ride, dined, played Fussball, played table tennis and came together as group.

Highlights; quad biking through the Creswick Regional Park and the range of environments, the hailstorm that pummelled the second group of bikers, mornings overlooking the park with a coffee starter, mountain biking at speeds downhill, watching Jamie missing a tee off, and enjoying the spa with Michael and Bryan.

Thanks for the memories guys, see you next year.

Mark Taylor  Dads Support Coordinator