Interchange Outer East Inc. held its annual general meeting (AGM) at the end of October 2021. The AGM is held to present the Annual Report and the audited financial statement of the organisation for the previous year. At each AGM a new board is elected and the positions of chairperson, deputy chairperson, treasurer and secretary are appointed.
This AGM saw the retirement of four board members with a combined service of 30 years to IOE. They have retired from the board having supported IOE through the initial transition of the NDIS to a position of financial stability with a well defined sense of where the organisation is heading into the future and a strong commitment to the values and beliefs that underpin IOE.
The past year has seen significant debate and conjecture about how IOE should operate in the marketplace of the NDIS. With many for-profit organisations setting up to get access to NDIS funds and line their pockets, the debate has been about the extent to which IOE should become more business focused and competitive rather than continuing to operate as a mission and values led organisation.
The new IOE board is aiming to continue to pursue the mission of the organisation and the aims of the strategic plan. Whilst commercial considerations will need to be addressed in the NDIS marketplace they will not be the primary driving force. Mission, values and the commitment to provide quality service and support to families will be the priority as IOE negotiates the future.

Board Members

Michelle Trustum
Deputy Chairperson
Eloise Fraser
Sue Chapman
Tina Valentine
General Members
Adrian Nemec
Mel Spencer