IOE’s recreation programs are undergoing some important changes. We are streamlining the forms and application processes for both children’s and adults’ recreation programs to improve communication and transparency and generally make it easier for families to plan.

Three month blocks:

Children’s and adults’ recreation programs will now be planned, advertised and activities allocated every three months instead of six monthly. New program blocks will coincide with the seasons – spring, summer, winter and autumn. Click the link for our guide to application and allocation dates for 2018-1019.

School Holiday Program

The School Holiday Program will now be included in each program block instead of being advertised separately. For example, the Spring Program, available this coming Monday 16 July, will list all recreation activities for September, October and November 2018 and will also include the school holiday program for September.

Cost breakdown

The cost breakdown will be clearly displayed for each advertised activity and will include the actual activity costs as well as the NDIS support costs. The reason for this is to provide families with an understanding of the actual costs involved in recreation programs and to familiarise them with the change to program expenses that will be incurred under full NDIS costing.

  • ACTIVITY COSTS – These are the out of pocket expenses relating to the activity such as ticket costs, accommodation, food, transport etc. These costs have been broken into standard costs which are $15 for day and evening activities and $120 for weekend camps as well as customised costs for those activities that are more expensive.
  • NDIS SUPPORT COSTS – These cover the cost of the support worker and all related planning and overhead costs related to supporting a participant throughout an activity and are determined by the NDIS price guide

Currently IOE is not charging the NDIS rate for many of our recreation programs, as we are still receiving HACC funding to run these programs. However, as of 31st January 2019, Interchange Outer East will no longer receive HACC funding to run our recreation programs. This will mean that participants will be required to use their NDIS plan funding to participate in all recreation programs. Please use the costing breakdown information we are providing to ensure that your NDIS plan will cover the amount of camps and activities you are hoping to access over the next 12 months.

If you are currently using your NDIS plan, please ensure that you have the funds to pay for camps and activities that you are applying for. Families will be invoiced directly for any costs IOE incurs where a plan may have overspent and funds are not available.

If you have any questions about the recreation programs changes, costs or application process, please contact IOE on 97585522 or email