Following the success of the Boys2Men program, which began in 2019, IOE is now planning to start up a similar program for girls and young women with a disability aged 14 – 24, aptly named Girls2Women. The program is ready to commence and IOE is calling for more applications.

The Girls2Women program provides a safe and supported space for young females (including anyone who identifies as female) to discuss and gain confidence in what it means to be a woman in today’s society. The program aims to equip participants with the tools to make informed and safe decisions within their personal lives and in the community.

This will be achieved through open discussions, activities and nights away combined with informative and interactive facilitated workshops. The program will include discussion of the many issues faced by young women today, challenge stereotypes, teach skills and strategies and help participants identify what inspires them.

Girls2Women is a 6month program with 3 – 5 sessions per month – weeknight workshops, weekend outings for health, fitness and education and weekend overnight adventures. All sessions are planned and facilitated by experienced staff who are excellent role models with input from external facilitators for training and education components.

The small group format and consistency of staffing encourages development of trust, confidence and friendships.  Staff are able to tailor sessions and discussion to the needs of the group to ensure that each individual can get as much as possible from the program.

Interchange Outer East supports the LGBTIQ community and encourages people to be involved with programs and groups where they feel safe and are most comfortable.

To register or for more information please contact  All enquiries are welcome!

Click button to download (and share) flyer – please note the advertised initial starting date has been amended.