Finding a job is a life goal for most young adults. Having a disability can make finding a job, or even exploring employment options, a daunting task.

IOE’s Prep 4 Work program utilises School Leavers Employment Supports (SLES) funding, a component of NDIS supports, to allow participants to explore opportunities for employment utilising their skills, gifts and interests. The program aims to provide an environment and opportunities whereby school leavers can learn the skills, ethics and practicalities to make them work ready. By providing experiences and practical support the program allows them to grow into their chosen work pathway.

The  program, which runs over two years, has both group based and individual components. Some of the areas covered are: self care; workplace expectations; travel training; work ethics; positive team work; task completion; time management; basic OH&S and safety skills. Resume writing, practical work experience, building communication skills and the gaining of qualifications through certified work education courses are just a few of the many activities which make up the program.

IOE believes that people with disabilities should be able to actively contribute to their community through work so the Prep 4 Work program will focus on open employment opportunities and experiences and providing the supports required for success.

To be eligible for Pre 4 Work young adults must have SLES funding included in their NDIS plan.

Beau Deurwaarder who supports the young adults on the Prep 4 Work program writes:
‘Prep 4 Work, through using SLES funding, helps young people develop the skills and confidence to find the right line of work for them. School leavers will receive individually tailored supports for up to two years that focus on improving employment opportunities and getting each participant to reach their goals.

Take a look at the top photo to see some of our eager future employees. What an exciting time to be young person at Interchange Outer East!’

IOE is always interested in hearing from any businesses who would like to provide employment opportunities and experiences for our young adults. Please contact our Adult Services team at  It makes good sense to employ people with disabilities!  Click the button to find out why.