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Following on from our recent update No More Chocolate Cake, explaining some of the changes that are coming to group based services as a result of changes to the NDIS pricing model, we can now announce exciting new changes to Recreation Services at Interchange Outer East.

From the beginning of July 2021 we will begin the transition from an allocation based recreation model to a new permanent group model. The exception being School Holiday Program which will continue in its current form.

Moving towards a permanent group model has always been part of a long term plan. The upcoming changes to the NDIS pricing model have just pushed us to take the leap now. 

After Work Social Club, Sport for Fun and the current Children’s Recreation permanent groups are great examples of how a permanent group (now also referred to as a program of supportPOS) can work. They are a testament to the benefits of this model; with long term relationships built and outcomes that would not be possible without the regularity and consistency that comes with being part of a permanent group.

Some of the benefits of being part of a permanent group (POS) are:
  • Spending time with the same group of people regularly; having the opportunity to make real and meaningful friendships – being part of a community.
  • Knowing who will be there when you arrive for your activities; reducing anxiety and removing the unknown
  • Having the same staff supporting the group. This allows staff to really get to know each person in the group and how to support everyone individually and as a group.
  • Planning activities together and getting to know what people like and dislike. This gives you, as the participants, more input and ownership over how you spend your time in the group.
  • Knowing your activity dates and support costs well ahead of time. This means it is easier to plan your diary and budget your funding.
  • Having more choice and control over the amount of recreation activities you can access on a regular basis.
  • Strategically working towards your goals while having fun with others.

There will be occasional vacancies and last minute pop-up activities that will be sent out as an expression of interest throughout the year. School Holiday Program will remain as an application process.

Recreation Services – Costs

Moving towards permanent groups as a program of support will mean costs will differ slightly for each group and each individual. Once we have developed the groups, we will provide you with an estimate of costs. The costs will include:

  • NDIS support cost
  • Non face-to-face (NF2F) cost
  • Capital costs (if applicable)
  • Out of pocket expense

Each cost and what it includes will be available on our website. A link will also be provided to refer to in your service agreement. We will be re-designing service agreements which will last for a 12 month period.

Joining a permanent group (POS) will involve a trial period of two sessions, to which the IOE cancellation policy will apply. If the group is working well and you would like to commit, the POS will then commence.


All camps and getaways will be charged using the Short Term Accommodation (STA) line item appropriate to support ratios required. The STA line item already includes the NF2F and capital charge components. Activity expenses (out of pocket costs) still apply.

Day Activities

All other activities will be charged the appropriate portion of NDIS support costs, NF2F costs and capital charges as well as activity expenses. Activity based transport may also be charged in some circumstances, however this option is still being looked into.

How to Join

If you would like to join a permanent group (POS), please click on the Permanent Group Expression of Interest buttons below. This will assist us to learn what is important to you as we make these changes. It will provide a good basis for the recreation team to begin developing a group that will suit your interests, goals, availability and the number of activities you would like, or have funding in your plan, to participate in. From there, we will be in touch with you with some options and information on costs. 

We understand that this change will be quite significant for some families and won’t necessarily work for everyone. However, with some careful planning and the expected trial and error, we aim to provide a customised option for everyone who is interested in coming along with us on this new and exciting journey.