Coming out of lockdown demanded something new and fun, and so we were so excited to partner with Adam Gibson Coaching to deliver a four week basketball clinic. Adam has had a long career in the NBL, has played for the Australian Boomers at the London Olympics and is an amazing and supportive coach.

It was great to see a good mix of people attend; those who were experienced in basketball and others who were just starting out. By the end of our four sessions we saw some amazing development. We celebrated one participant able to maintain a dribble, another shoot their first goal and others get a much deeper understanding of team work. We saw people make new friends and build on existing friendships.

Fiona and Tom have loved working with Adam and Sarah to develop and deliver an amazing program. We are so grateful to Adam for being willing to try something new. Thanks also to our volunteers Alicia, Rachel and Daniel who helped to support the program.

Looking ahead we hope to offer more inclusive pop-up sports clinics. We have booked another clinic with Adam for next year and we plan on delivering a soccer clinic and a netball clinic in the new year too. We are also very open to other suggestions so please get in touch if you have any ideas.

If you would like to register your interest for finding out more about these programs please contact