Anthea Naylor

Video Self Modelling (VSM) is a very exciting evidence-based intervention that is being used in education for skill-acquisition. It involves creating a short video using simple videoing and editing techniques that shows the subject themselves performing a skill that is just out of reach, but which is potentially reachable.

VSM has successfully been used to teach skills such as social skills, play skills, self-care, daily living, communication skills, self-regulation and physical skills, and much more.

Anthea Naylor has many years of experience in teaching both secondary, primary levels in both mainstream, independent and special education settings. She holds a Masters of Special Education and Advanced Certificate in autism. Anthea has broad experience working with Autism, ADHD, cerebral palsy, intellectual disabilities and developmental delays. Anthea has trained parents, schools and organisations in VSM both throughout Australia and internationally.

Anthea is passionate about the use of VSM and also video peer modelling (VPM) in engaging and transforming students, especially those with special needs who are usually visual learners. Anthea trains both professionals and parents in the practical application of VSM as both a behaviour intervention and tool for teaching social and life skills.