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Anthea Naylor

Video Self Modelling (VSM) is a very exciting evidence-based intervention that is being used in education for skill-acquisition. It involves creating a short video using simple videoing and editing techniques that shows the subject themselves performing a skill that is just out of reach, but which is potentially reachable. VSM has successfully been used to […]


Keeping active has been proven to benefit not only physical health but also emotional health and overall well-being. That’s why Interchange Outer East is continuing to be pro-active by providing ever-increasing opportunities for children, adults, parents and carers to participate in regular exercise activities. Our Sport for Fun program has been running for a number […]


In the late 1990s I attended a wonderful recreation group for young adults with disabilities, through Interchange Outer East (IOE). I was with Group 2 along with Ben, Karin, Bradley, Nicole, and Bronwyn. Occasionally we would combine with Group 1 who were Daniel, Travis, Naomi, Nikita, Paul, Tanya, and Shelly . In many ways I […]

Dr. Melinda Smith OAM

Living with Cerebral Palsy and Embracing Technology to Participate in the Community, in Every Which Way, to Achieve the Best Possible Journey for Life Dr. Melinda Smith comes from a professional background of mentoring and consultancy in the disability and education sectors. In 2008, Melinda began to develop a series of journal articles, conference presentations […]


Interchange Outer East’s hosting program brought together hosts, Jo, Trevor and their family and eight year old Indianna.  A lovely friendship has developed with Indi fitting right in with her host family. The following article was recently  published in the Eastern Volunteers newsletter.   ‘Jo and her family have been hosting Indi for around a […]


In late June my husband and I attended IOE’s Carers Retreat weekend at the RACV resort in Inverloch. What a lovely break – definitely much needed! This was IOE’s second Carers weekend, there was such positive and valuable feedback from the 2018 weekend that it was decided to do it again this year. When we […]