Fred Brumhead

Fred has been at IOE since 1989. For Fred, becoming the CEO of the organisation ‘sort of just happened’ over the years. It was nothing he planned or ever anticipated.

Normally easily distracted, the fact that Fred is still at IOE pays testament to the variety and changes that occur daily in the work that IOE does.

Naturally at home playing in mud / water / on the sporting field rather than the corporate boardroom, Fred is grateful that IOE has enabled him such variety and the opportunity to engage with families across a range of activities. A pirate, explorer and professional sportsman were the big plans of a little Fred … who would have thought that being a CEO of IOE has helped him achieve all three!

Being hard to please, Fred is always focused on making IOE a better and more effective service for families of children and young people with disabilities. Having previously worked for three other disability organisations prior to coming to IOE,  Fred has, in his role as CEO, worked to ensure that IOE has not followed the direction of the other organistions but has maintained its own path and values –  a commitment which has shaped the development of IOE over the years.