General Manager

Belinda James

Belinda started with IOE as a teenage volunteer in the late 1980s. She progressed to a casual support position working with In-Home Support and running the newly created Adult Rec and Youth Group programs. She accepted the role of full time coordinator for these groups plus a case management role, moving next to team leader of the adult ‘Balance’ post school service.

With IOE’s major restructure in 2006 Belinda became general manager, a role she still ably fills today. Before taking on a full time role with IOE Belinda worked in residential services for a number of disability services, including DHS.

Focus on family, the ability to make a difference and the fun, creative, innovative and ‘stretching the boundaries’ way it operated initially drew the young Belinda to IOE. She now appreciates the agency’s openness and transparency and honesty in owning its failures as well as its success. She values its family focus and the way IOE has embraced youth giving them the opportunity to grow and contribute.

Away from work a very energetic young son keeps Belinda busy and she delights in spending as much time as possible with him and her immediate and extended family. Her other passions are theatre and food shared in the company of good friends!