Parent & Carer Support

Take some time out!

Come along, meet other carers and enjoy fun, sociable outings and activities plus opportunities to share information and network.

Parent Social Support

We have separate groups for Mums (plus other female carers) and Dads (plus other male carers). Come along and enjoy a variety of sociable day or evening outings each month plus an annual weekend away. We do the organising, you do the enjoying and the relaxing.

As well as taking part in some great activities in the company of others, the groups provide a chance to network and share experiences too. So, come along, have a chat, have a laugh, meet new people and have a well deserved break.

To check out and apply for our planned programs for mums and dads please click the links below.

Carer Support

IOE runs a number of carer support groups which operate throughout the local eastern and adjoining municipalities.  It doesn’t matter where you live you can choose which of the advertised activities you want to attend.

As well as low cost short social outings Carer Support Groups run a program of information based activities and workshops to support you in your carer role. If you care for someone with a disability you are welcome.

Activities are planned monthly. Take a look at what is planned for the next couple of months by clicking the link below.

*New to Carers Support: Get active, get fit. Take some time off to look after your physical and mental well-being by coming along to our ‘Active Carers’ pilates and water aerobics sessions. Click the button below for more details.

Grandparent Support

An increasing number of grandparents and older people are taking on the care of people with disabilities. Their circumstances come with a set of particular challenges and specific issues.

Unfortunately the needs of our older carers are often overlooked and that is why we started our Grandparent Support group. Take the chance to get away for a while on an outing, get to know others in a similar situation, build networks and gain valuable information.

Want to do some gentle exercise in a supportive environment? We encourage you to give Pilates and Aqua Aerobics a go with our Active Carers program.

To find out more about the program please contact

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