Communication Support

IOE’s new Communication Support service will have your entire support team up to date and ready to assist with your child’s communication needs.

Our skilled Communication Coordinator can work with your team of support workers to upskill them on specific communication devices, and communication support needs.

Rather than purchasing 1:1 communication support, which will be limited to the coordinator’s availability, individualised communication training can be purchased for your whole team of support.

This provides a much more sustainable system, with great communication support provided by every support worker on every shift with all support staff having  been trained to be competent in the use, modelling, set up and editing of all of your child’s communication aids and devices.

Your ‘team of support’ is not restricted to just IOE support workers and volunteers. The coordinator can work with others who support your child, to help them understand and support their communication needs – school aides, neighbours, family friends, sports coaches, etc.

This service will help to create a much more inclusive and communication accessible community.

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