Zoo, Queens and Sun

February 20, 2014

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The Zoo in 40 degree heat. Not many people’s idea of fun. But that’s where 36 women went on Saturday February 8.

We were off to the Zoo Twilights for a picnic tea and to see the Queens of the Outback drag show.

What can I say – the first half of the show was a little slow and the sun, which had fooled us by momentarily going behind a cloud, shone mercilessly when it reappeared after most of us had moved out of the shade and closer to the stage. The sensible ones kept their shady seats at the back and were quite a few degrees cooler.

The shared picnic was sumptuous, although unfortunately no-one was particularly hungry. The highlight of the night was probably the whole watermelon at interval. My battery operated spray bottle was pretty popular too, misting not only us but our picnic neighbours as well.

There was relief during and after interval with a reduction in intensity of the sun and a great improvement in the show – on came the outlandish costumes and the typical draggy singalong songs. Not to mention the Michael Jackson impersonator!

We finished the night with gelati in Carlton, eaten in the marginal cool of the Carlton park.

Thank you ladies for another fun outing. It was also lovely to see so many new mums come along and we hope to see even more new faces on our next outing.

By Sandra Leehy
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