Youth Volunteering Forum

August 1, 2014

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Next Wednesday August 6, the Boroondara, Eastern and South Eastern Volunteer Resource Centres are holding a half day forum in Camberwell which will address the here, now and why of engaging young people in volunteering.

Following the address by keynote speaker, Viv Benjamin, Oak CEO of the Tree Foundation, there will be a panel discussion involving community organisations and young volunteers. The panel will be facilitated by Alissa Holton, lead in the Change Maker team of Foundation for Young Australians.

Interchange Outer East will be represented on the panel by Volunteer Coordinator, Jess van Arendonk and IOE volunteer Gillian Andrews.

The Resource Centres identified a need for a forum for community organisation managers to hear from youth volunteers and to discuss how to get youth involved, the benefits they bring to community organisations and the challenges and barriers they face when volunteering.

Youth volunteers are distinct from other volunteers in their motivation for volunteering, their expectation of their role, their goals and their general approach to the volunteering experience. There is often a strong community commitment and a desire to make change in that community. They are the future of their communities.

As an organisation which has been at the forefront of many initiatives involving the use of youth volunteers in its program delivery, Interchange Outer East is well placed to add positively to the panel discussion.

Volunteer Coordinator Jess said “At IOE we have a strong commitment to nurturing youth as volunteers. We feel that by engaging youth in our organisation in this way, we are contributing to the sustainability of, not only our own organisation, but of community development and the future.”

Registrations for the forum are still open and interested people are encouraged to attend. For more information visit  Download the registration form  and forum flyer.

by Sandra Leehy

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