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May 25, 2015

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It’s a sunny day in late May and of course we needed more firewood as it is getting cold in Melbourne.

I am an IOE board member and attended the trivia night in November. I browsed the table of auction goods and there was one item that caught my attention – two cubic metres of firewood delivered by Balance Enterprises. Caught up in the spirit of the night, my partner Vic put in a bid. He was the successful bidder. By chance, my Dad who had graciously purchased all my raffle tickets, was incredulous when later I told him that he had won first prize in the raffle and was off to stay at Crown Metropol in the next few weeks. He features later in this story. Our wood delivery was held back until we needed it in March this year.

I can’t believe what a great experience it was. Two vehicles pulled up, including the four wheel drive and trailer, with Kieran Cantwell leading the crew of excited faces ready to say hello and get to work. Out all these young people hopped, donning gloves and organising themselves into a line ready to pass the wood from the trailer to where it needed to be stacked.

One of the crew would break into song every now again and was very focused on getting back for lunch, dreaming of the biggest meal McDonald’s had on its menu. Others were grimly determined to complete the task and the young man in charge of filling the wheel barrows was organising how each load had to be stacked. So intent was he on the process, when I incorrectly placed the empty wheelbarrow on the plank positioned to run the barrow down the first step, he could only just barely conceal his frustration with how inept I was. I soon learned to let him do this part of the task as he was right, I was truly just hopeless at it.

Wood stacked, any mess raked up and off they went a bit tired and hungry. I couldn’t stop smiling about my huge new stack of firewood and what a fun morning I had enjoyed.

I missed out being there on this next delivery as I had to work. So I called my 84 year old dad and asked him to come up to take our collie inside during the delivery so he didn’t annoy anyone.

I have just received a call from him, mission accomplished! And you know what, this crusty ex-policeman could not stop talking about the different young people who had participated in the delivery, how he interacted with them and what fun it was. How nicely the wood was stacked, “tidier than my linen cupboard”, and how tidy they left everything. I could well have been there as he painted a thorough picture of how the delivery progressed and every conversation he had.

And what a great job Kieran does. Not only leading the crew and doing much of the heavy work, but identifying the strengths of each of the crew members and allocating tasks accordingly. And, most importantly making it fun!

If anyone asks me about buying firewood, I will be sending them straight to Enterprises.

Oh, and the box of kindling that goes with the delivery is so handy.

By Tina Valentine

For wood prices or to place an order for firewood, contact Balance Enterprises on Phone: 9758 7893    Email: cathy.handy@ioe.org.au

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