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July 2, 2014

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Interchange Outer East’s Friends of IOE initiative is off to a good start.

The initiative which aims to raise funds for IOE’s important family support programs had already raised over $4,000 since its launch in April this year and is well on target to reach its first year goal.

A major boost to the initiative has been provided by Jetmaster Heat & Glo  www.jetmaster.com.au who recently became a Double Corporate Friend with a donation of $1000, Toolinga P/L whose  $500 donation made them a Corporate donor, Keith Thornton who generously donated $500, and Bee Wallace and Jason Zammit who both made a donation of $100 to become valued Friends. IOE encourages its members to reciprocate the support of businesses who become our Friends, by viewing their websites with the view to considering their products and services where appropriate.

As well as these major donors, Interchange Outer East would like to thank all those who have  become Individual and Family donors with the Friends program. The support from all our Friends is appreciated and all funds will be put directly into the IOE Family Support programs.

Interchange Outer East believes its mission is to support each individual member of the family, not just the person with the disability. The positive feedback IOE receives following each family camp, Mums Support, Dads Support and Sibling activity is testimony to the importance families place on these programs. Despite their benefit to the well being of all family members, the Interchange Outer East Family Support programs receive no Government funding and, apart from the occasional input of funds from successful trust and other applications, run basically on a user pays system. The only exception to this is the Sibling Program which has been extremely fortunate to have been supported by Freemasons Victoria and Freemasons Monash Gully for the past 5 years with  funding of $60.000 in total.

With the lack of focus on individual family members in the proposed NDIS funding model, Interchange Outer East is concerned that these vital family programs will be lost in the battle to balance funds and services for the person with the disability. It is therefore essential that a viable source of funding is in place to ensure the continuation of these family services.

With the continued and increased support of both the local and wider community individuals, businesses and organisations the Friends of IOE can become that source.

For more information about the Friends of IOE initiative and how to become a Friend go to http://www.ioe.org.au/get-involved/friends-of-ioe/

by Sandra Leehy

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