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November 26, 2015

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Interchange Outer East’s ACTIV8 program is committed to creating inclusive communities, communities which are inclusive of all their members whether they have a disability or not.  As well as setting up  a number of initiatives which provide regular social and sporting opportunities for the youth of the Yarra Valley, Activ8’s most recent initiative, a Come and Try Tennis Day, took a new direction and reached out to young and old.

The idea for the day began when the Warburton Tennis Club approached the ACTIV8 program with a suggestion of a community day to encourage not only tennis for fun for all in the Yarra Valley, but an inclusive Yarra Valley community. When the Club threw open their doors to the community and welcomed everyone of all ages and abilities on Saturday 14th of November, that’s exactly what the day was all about!

This day was for everyone. There were three year olds through to grandparents having a hit on the day. Many local families came down and enjoyed some free coaching from the Club’s fantastic coach Anthony Glynn (Ant). Several families expressed interest in joining the club after having so much fun on the day. Nicole the president of Warburton Tennis club cooked delicious scones on the day which were very well received!

Local Interchange volunteers Gary Metherall & Kaitlyn Whitelaw were instrumental in making the day a success, helping set up, ensuring everyone had someone to have a hit with and contributing their enthusiasm for sport on the day.

Thanks to Nicole Fox who approached ACTIV8 to help organise the day and the club’s awesome coach Ant who was so pro-active in making sure everyone got some 1:1 coaching.

The day was such a success that another Community Tennis day has been set for January 30th 2016.

If you would like to find out about the inclusive Warburton Tennis Club contact Nic on 0427 258 333  or for more information about IOE’s  ACTIV8 program and the opportunities it provides please contact Heather at

by Heather Sayer

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