Team Max Exceeds Target

April 8, 2015

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‘Team Max’ ran, walked and waddled through the 5.4km and for the fitter few, the 15.5 km run for the kids. Others supported the team by donating money, with all the proceeds going to the Royal Children’s Hospital. This is the third year the team supported the event, we were bigger and better this year, 35 people in total registered and all were decked out in the best Team Max t-shirts seen to date.

I set a target this year to raise $1,500.00 on top of the run registrations. We blew that target out of the water, boom! Staff, parents and kids at Interchange Outer East have been munching on the chocolates at the front desk for the last four years, raising $2000.00. We have been really fortunate that it was decided to pass that money on to the Royal Children’s Hospital through ‘Team Max’. Between the chocolate money, Max’s can crushing and all the donations received by the team, we raised a grand total of $3,495.00!

Being involved with IOE has meant that I have been connected to the hospital through families I have supported over the years. I have always had a great respect for the staff and specialists that work there. After the birth of my  son I also become very grateful for the hospital and its expertise.

I love the run and all it represents; individuals gathering to support a wonderful cause, showing the staff, specialists and volunteers that we appreciate their hard work and dedication; the teams that share their stories of children loved and lost, as well as miracles parents hoped for and received. Most of all I love that for those few hours, parents and carers are not alone in what is often the loneliest journey.

Thank you IOE, runners, walkers, waddlers and donators, both known and anonymous. I am so proud of our achievement this year and so grateful for your support, I definitely don’t feel alone.

by Belinda James

Max and Doctor

Max and the Doctor give Teddy a checkup at RCH.

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