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February 19, 2014

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We started up the Yarra Valley Brick Club because we were struggling to find a social group in the area for my son, whose main interests are Lego and design. It’s a casual social group for kids aged 10-18, who come along and share their latest designs, new sets and ideas. We also play Lego inspired games, including regular chess games using their own Lego made chess board. We’ve also recently acquired some Lego robotics, which they have been exploring.

This year we have started a younger group for the 5-10 age group, based on similar lines and ideas but more structured. We have number of ASD kids in our group as Lego seems to be a very popular activity for kids on the spectrum. The Club activities give them an opportunity to socialise whilst keeping their hands busy and without long eye contact.

The Brick Club has benefited my son Connor as he has something to look forward to and also to plan for, the chance to make new friends and generally socialise in a relaxed environment. He has become a happier person since starting the club and has now taken on the responsibility of assisting with the younger group, which is a huge learning and work experience opportunity for a child with ASD. We have seen him grow so much in the last four months and cannot thank Interchange enough for giving us such amazing support.

Thank you

by Amy and Connor Howard
building Lego together


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