Spreading The Youth Volunteer Message

August 29, 2013

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Interchange Outer East’s expertise in the area of youth volunteering is widely 
In early September, Interchange’s Volunteer Coordinators, Jess Van Arendonk and Marcelo Calderon,
will be taking their message to the nation at the 15th National Conference on Volunteering to be 
held in Adelaide from 4th – 6th September.

Their presentation is entitled Influencing Our Future Leaders, and their presentation will cover how to create a 
stronger community by recruiting and nurturing youth volunteers. 
Interchange Outer East utilises volunteers to assist with the running of many of its recreation 
programs and services. It has been growing and strengthening its volunteering program for over 
twenty years, with particular emphasis on recruiting youth from the age of 14 years. This 
concentration on volunteering at this young age is what sets Interchange apart from other 
volunteer based community organisations.

The tone of Jess and Marcelo’s presentation will be based on Interchange Outer East’s belief that
 by recruiting young people to volunteer and exposing them to values, such as inclusion, acceptance 
and responsibility, and teaching them skills to support others, we are playing a part in nurturing 
them as responsible, caring and compassionate future community leaders.
Their presentation will explore: who these young volunteers are and where they come from; what 
happens to them after volunteering: how organisations can engage young people and keep them engaged; as well as the 
benefits to organisations and the wider community. They hope their presentation will inspire other 
conference delegates to take a fresh look at the role and benefits of youth in volunteering, and
 encourage young people to use their skills and values to be positive mentors and role models to 

Both Jess and Marcelo are very excited and nervous about this great opportunity to present
 nationally at this important conference.
“We feel that the ability to use youth volunteer energy and enthusiasm complements our Interchange 
programs” said Marcelo. “We have both attended other conferences in the past but have never
 presented. We look forward to hearing from others in the field and to bringing back any new ideas 
to develop and enhance our own volunteer program.”
“Our invitation to present at the conference is a recognition of the contribution Interchange 
Outer East has made in the area of volunteering.”

* Read  the Conference Paper  presented by Jess and Marcelo at their conference session.

Sandra Leehy

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