Song, Sand and Sunshine

December 19, 2014

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Building on the theme explored at the IOE conference, the big ticket item of the recent Portsea family camp was the creation of our ‘community choir’. Led brilliantly by a skilled and versatile choirmaster we gathered parents, staff, volunteers and kids on stage to sing like angels. The dazzling choirmaster split the males (base & tenors) and the ladies (alto & sopranos) up and sectioned the song for different parts. Who would have thought that it was the males that showed commitment and instant bonding to belt out their parts beautifully, with power, raw emotion and grace, unlike the ladies who behaved like a gaggle of geese without social order. WC Fields once said never work with kids or animals…he was wrong … try a bunch of excitable and overly happy women!

Our second family camp for 2014 was held at the Lord Mayors camp at Portsea in November. 120 people of all ages enjoyed the sunny days – swimming, canoeing, flying foxing, playing games, building sand castles and the relaxed, and not so relaxed, nocturnal opportunities. People had the opportunity to sing, act in their favourite fairy tale, play games and even get to enjoy a rendition of Greece with a couple of versions of ‘You’re The One That I Want’ sung with gusto. One family brought down their jet ski and many children had a ride. Several older ‘kids’ complained of painful thighs resulting from trying to stay on as Merryn took them for a spin.

For the first time in a while at an Interchange Outer East family camp you had to look down to avoid children. There were lots of little children who brought a new dimension to camp. We had forgotten how much fun a bucket of water on the grass can be! It was great to have so many new families have the opportunity to experience a family camp and to have all those little tackers running around playing together. We look forward to the next family camp.

by Fred Brumhead

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